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HDFS 3423 Fall 2011 Integration Paper Handout 080611

HDFS 3423 Fall 2011 Integration Paper Handout 080611 - HDFS...

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HDFS 3423 – Fall 2011 Integration Paper Handout Overview and Checklist : Description Points Late Penalties Due Date Component #1 : Page 2 Rough draft of Integration Paper. 30 points -5 points each day late September 22 Component #2 : Page 10 Revised draft of Integration Paper. 10 points -2 points each day late November 15 Formatting Guidelines : All components must follow the following formatting guidelines: o 1 inch margins, double spaced, Times New Roman (12 point font) o Spacing after each paragraph: 0 pt ( Note: The default for Microsoft word is 10 pt , so you will have to change it). o Saved as a Microsoft Word for Windows computer files. All students have access to OSU computer labs which contain Microsoft for Windows. However, if you are unable to use an OSU computer lab and do not have Microsoft for Windows, please submit the components as .pdf file. Note: You will not receive credit for an IP component if the TA cannot open the file. You are not allowed to quote in the paper. If you want to refer to a statement or finding from one of your empirical articles, simply rephrase the sentence in your own words – like you would if you were describing it to a friend. Your paper must be written using APA formatting. Any evidence of copying, outside help, or plagiarism will result in an “F!” in the class. Note: D2L has a program that checks for evidence of plagiarism based on papers inside and outside of class. Submission Guidelines : Note that all components must be submitted using the dropbox function on D2L. No components will be accepted in person or via e-mail. Your TA will submit feedback regarding each component using D2L so please be attentive to feedback as it obviously can impact your performance on other IP components. o If you have questions regarding the feedback, please contact your TA. o Note that D2L does not send you an e-mail after feedback is posted. All components must be submitted by the designated due dates and times. o D2L keeps track of the time when components are submitted. o Late components will only be accepted with an approved (and documented) excuse outlined in the syllabus. o Having computer or Internet problems is not an approved excuse for late IP components. o Thus, do not wait until the last minute to submit a component. Make sure that you submit each component in the appropriate dropbox. o For example, if you submit Component #1 in the dropbox for Component #2, you may not receive credit for it. Directions for using dropbox: 1. Click on “Dropbox”. 2. Click on the IP component that you are handing in. 3. Click on “Add file”. 4. Click on “Browse” and select file. Make sure that you select the correct file. 5. Click on “Upload”.
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