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Overall Notes - Modern European Drama Realism and Revolt...

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Modern European Drama: Realism and Revolt - 19 th Century reforms Expressionism: Georg Buchner Melodrama: Dion Boucicault Poor of NY Realism: Henrik Ibsen Society o Middle Class audience o Philosophy o Darwin, Marx, Freud = heredity, environment, psychology o Human behavior can be explained – scientific analysis Technology o Theatre Architecture: PROSCENIUM STAGES o Scenic Techniques: Backdrops to BOX SETS Environment for actors to behave in; 3D o Scenic Innovations: LIGHTING Playwriting o Melodrama o Realism o [Naturalism (Zola)/ Well Made Play (Scribe)] People are fated at birth; “no free will,” “puppets of faith” o Expressionism Deliberate distortion of reality “Scream” by Edward Munch Theatrical production o Director o Actor Training (Stanislavsky – father of modern acting) o Ensemble focus o New Venues: Independent Theatre Movement VOCAB Modernism: mid/late 19 th century; brand new forms of art that reflected modern life Realism : seems like authentic life o Accessible [easy to identify with characters] o Linear [show cause and effect patterns , to show where conflicts arise from] o Daily behavior [gives significance/meaning to daily behavior] o Stable world [art should become more scientific , so the two would be more in sync….] Can be analyzed o Empathy [easy to feel for characters who live lives like our own] – creates a bond between audience and characters. Influences o Darwin heredity
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o Marx environment o Freud psychology [idea of the subconscious that affects our behaviors] Realism’s Revolt o [school of] Melodrama (dominant school) – oversimplified the world into idea of right vs. wrong, where right always wins o Well-made play (Scribe- dominant playwright of this particular form, French writer that wrote prolifically) – action is very contrived; follows the same pattern but has modern settings ; is a conservative style of art o Well made – looked very good but it lacked depth like a melodrama o Well un-made play – ibsen is rebelling against melodrama and wmp o Naturalism (Zola- father of naturalism) – we’re fated to be who we are; we’re born to be and there is no escaping it. The extremists of the realists, you’re either blessed/damned at birth Theater Architecture o Proscenium Theatre: self-contained world so that the stage is an independent area of life (without acknowledging the audience barrier between the play and audience) 4 th wall of illusion o Box set: 3 fake walls (canvas/wood frame) that form a 3D room, as opposed to a painting of a forest o Invention of electric light: lit stages in the 1880s Realistic works are usually intended to be tools of social reform Theater Practice o Director – see a rise of director o Stanislavski – created a new system of actor training as “emotional athlete”; puts their personality into different characters instead of using bland, learned gestures
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Overall Notes - Modern European Drama Realism and Revolt...

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