4433 Fall 2011 Syllabus

4433 Fall 2011 Syllabus - HDFS 3413 page 1 FAMILY LIFE...

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HDFS 3413 page 1 FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION – HDFS 4433 Oklahoma State University Fall 2011 Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. INSTRUCTOR Dr. D’Lee Babb Office Hours: Thursday 12:45-1:45 p.m. & by appointment Office: HES 239 Email: [email protected] (Best way to contact me) COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES Course Description: This course is designed to expose students to the philosophy and principles of family life education. We will discuss planning, implementing, and evaluating family life education programs in community and educational settings. Students will ultimately develop their own program and present a portion of it in the community. Due to its emphasis on practice and application, and with our involvement in the community, this course will be substantially different from most of the courses you have taken here at OSU. As such, I urge you to be patient as we navigate the semester together, and recognize that what feels like a lack of structure at times is an artifact of working within a set time period to address community needs. The instructor invokes the right to make syllabus changes as needed. Course Objectives: 1. Describe the nature and scope of family life education. 2. Articulate the role of professionalism in family life education. 3. Identify the issues relevant to programming for diverse audiences. 4. Identify current practices, trends, research, and theoretical foundations of major content areas, such as parenting and interpersonal relationships. 5. Gain experience in the processes of program design, implementation, and evaluation. 6. Demonstrate written and oral communication skills. 7. Demonstrate professionalism in working with others. REQUIRED TEXTS Family Life Education: Working with Families Across the Life Span (2 nd ed.) ISBN#: 1-57766-465-5 Publisher: Waveland Press
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HDFS 3413 page 2 The following articles will be used throughout the semester; please consult the course schedule below for the specific dates. While some of the content may be similar to the textbook, these articles represent the original source material, with which it is important to be familiar. Arcus, M. E. (1995). Advances in family life education: Past, present, and future. Family Relations, 44, 336-344. Ballard, S.M., & Morris, M.L. (2003). The family life education needs of midlife and older adults. Family Relations, 52, 129-136. Brock, G. W. (1993). Ethical guidelines for the practice of family life education. Family Relations, 42, 124-127. Darling, C.A., & Turkki, K. (2009). Global family concerns and the role of family life education: An ecosystemic analysis. Family Relations, 58, 14-27. Doherty, W. J. (1995). Boundaries between parent and family education and family therapy: The levels of family involvement model. Family Relations, 44, 353-358. Dunst, C. J., Boyd, K., Trivette, C. M., & Hamby, D. W. (2002). Family-oriented
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4433 Fall 2011 Syllabus - HDFS 3413 page 1 FAMILY LIFE...

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