4533SLYBS - Critical Issues in HDFS HDFS 4533.001, Fall...

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Critical Issues in HDFS HDFS 4533.001, Fall 2011 Tuesday/Thursday 12:30 – 1:45, 230 HS Instructor: Charles C. Hendrix, Ph.D. Office: HS 344 Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 1100 - 1200 Phone: (405) 744-8359 E-mail: charles.hendrix@okstate.edu Course Description An examination of the place of family relations and child development in the context of broader themes. An exploration of the students’ specialization and its implications for an educated life. Course Description (Former student’s version) We will look at current family issues through multiple perspectives and through discussion we will be able to understand where we stand on these issues. Thoughts and biases will be challenged so that students can come to a more educated stance on many current, controversial family and social issues. This class will teach you how to think. Course Objectives To improve critical thinking methods in addressing developmental and family issues. To critically assess individual and family issues through research, discussion, and interaction. To develop, present and/or discuss a professional critical analysis of a current issue(s) that affects the development of children, adults, and families. Identify current research and theoretical foundations of various family issues. Identify various viewpoints of specific family issues through discussion and debate. Discuss public policy issues regarding the American family. Required Readings Benokraitis, N. V. (2000). Feuds about families: Conservative, centrist, liberal, and feminist perspectives . Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Additional readings can be found on d2l (http:// oc.okstate.edu ).
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Course Requirements ATTENDANCE (50 pts): Students are expected to be prepared for, and attend, each class session. The class primarily emphasizes a Socratic method of learning where students are expected to be prepared in depth
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4533SLYBS - Critical Issues in HDFS HDFS 4533.001, Fall...

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