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Writing Tips 1. Follow APA style strictly. 2. Spell all words correctly. Use spell check but still check for yourself. 3. Use formal grammar. The grammar check in word processors is a good start but can be wrong. 4. Don’t start a sentence or phrase with “it.” 5. Don’t end a sentence or phrase with a preposition. 6. Avoid using indefinite pronouns like the words it or thing. 7. Periods go inside quotation marks. See examples in this list! 8. People are “who” not “that.”
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Unformatted text preview: Things are “that” not “who.” 9. Don’t overuse the word “that.” 10. Avoid starting sentences with “So.” 11. Write in simple sentences. 12. Write in active voice and avoid passive voice. 13. Use summary statements/paragraphs at ends of sections. 14. Use transitional statements to help with flow of you paper. 15. Let your paper rest a couple of days and then read again for proofreading....
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