3113 syllabus _ Morton (Fall 2011)

3113 syllabus _ Morton (Fall 2011) - MAE 3113 MEASUREMENTS...

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MAE 3113 MEASUREMENTS AND INSTRUMENTATIONS FALL 2009 Instructor: Dr. Jeremy Morton Email: jeremy.morton@okstate.edu Phone: (918) 594-8380 Office Hours: 2215 (Tulsa, Main Hall): Posted Weekly on Office Door and by Appointment TA Information: Abhishek Jain: abhishek.jain@okstate.edu Mehran Andalibi: mehran.andalibi@mail.okstate.edu Text: ( Required) Technical Writing A Through Z: Authors; Trevor M. Young (ISBN: 0-7918-0236-1) (Recommended) Mechanical Measurements , Sixth ed. by Beckwith, Lienhard, Marangoni (ISBN: 0-2018-4765-5 ) Class Meeting: Monday 4:30 pm – 7:10 pm, NCB 247 Associated Lab Sections: Wed -- 4:30-6:20(801), 6:30-8:20(802), 8:30-10:20(803), 2:30-4:20(804) Grade Ranges: A(90-100), B(80-90), C(70-80), D(60-70), F(Below 60) Grade Distribution: Exams (3 including final exam) 45% (Lecture) Homework and Pop Quizzes 5% (Lecture) Lab Reports 30% (Lab) Design Project 15% (Lab) Lab Logbook 5% (Lab) Lab Portion of Grade(50%) = (Lab Skill)α(Total Lab Grade) Note: To pass you must receive 60% in both the lecture and lab sections of the course. Students have one week to dispute any grade. Disputes must be in writing, and will be reviewed within one week of submission. Attendance: Lecture attendance is strongly recommended. Lab attendance is mandatory. Any lab that must be missed, with valid reason, requires notification at least three days in advance. Late Work: Unexcused late work will not be accepted. All work is due at the beginning of class/lab.
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Policy on Tobacco, Non-Alcoholic Drinks are permitted in the lab but please be responsible Food, Drinks, and and considerate. Food is prohibited. Tobacco use is prohibited.
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3113 syllabus _ Morton (Fall 2011) - MAE 3113 MEASUREMENTS...

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