Terminology for Stents & Catheters

Terminology for Stents & Catheters - The Bionic...

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The Bionic Human-(ME-GenEd 0844)-Homework#15 Name:Lindsey McCormack Cardiac muscle is an involuntary muscle that shares some common properties with smooth muscle and skeletal muscle, such as it can be stimulated by nerves. It also has unique characteristics such as, automaticity which means that it contracts and relaxes itself as a unit and is regulated by the electrical system of the heart. Contraction is initiated by spontaneous generation of an action potential by the sinus node (sinoatrial of S-A node). Skeletal muscle is attached to bones by tendons and the contractions are initiated by either the brain or local stimulus. Sinoartrial node (SA node) is a group of cells in the heart that is responsible for generating the normal rhythmical impulse in the heart. It is the heart's natural pacemaker and is located in the superior lateral wall of the right atrium near the opening of the superior venacava. Atrioventricular node (AV node) is where the electrical impulse from the atria is delayed before moving on to the ventricles. The signals leave the AV node, traveling through the AV bundle to the His-Purkinje system. AV bundle is a group of special cells between your heart upper and the lower chambers. It is the electrical bridge that connects the atrium to the ventricle. Purkinje fibers conduct the cardiac impulse to all parts of the ventricles to make them contract. Cardiac pacemaker is a system that includes two parts, a pulse generator and a pacing electrode. It can generate electrical impulses to maintain an adequate heart rate. It monitors the heart's natural electrical rhythm and when it senses that the heartbeat is below the normal range, it will generate a short low voltage pulse to stimulate the cardiac muscle initiate the contraction in the atria or ventricles. Defibrillator is a battery powered electrical impulse generator that is designed to treat fibrillation
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Terminology for Stents & Catheters - The Bionic...

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