MAN 3504 - Introduction (6 slides per page)

MAN 3504 - Introduction (6 slides per page) - MAN 3504 -...

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Unformatted text preview: MAN 3504 - Introduction 1 MAN 3504: Introduction 1 Jacksonville: Americas Logistics Center Logistics one of citys four economic super-sectors One of top 10 logistics-friendly cities More than 650 firms involved in some way in freight movement Headquarters of major transportation & logistics firms CSX CEVA L i ti L d t C l S St Li d S th t MAN 3504: Introduction 2 CSX, CEVA Logistics, Landstar, Crowley, Sea Star Line, and Southeast Toyota Distributors Transportation nexus Major seaport (JAXPORT) Three railroads (CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Florida East Coast) Three interstate highways (I-95, I-10, and I-75) Over 100 truck terminals Can reach 60 million people within 8-hour drive Can reach 1/3 of US landmass and 60% of US population within 24 hours JAXPORT Westernmost port on the eastern seaboard As far west as Cleveland! Fastest growing port on Eastern seaboard Second-largest port for incoming vehicles Recently handled 800,000 containers / year, but MAN 3504: Introduction 3 Mitsui OSK TraPac container terminal opened in 2009 Another 1 million containers per year Adds 1700 port jobs averaging $45,000 / year Adds another 4000 jobs in trucking, warehousing, distribution, etc. Plus economic impact on all sorts of other businesses Hanjin container terminal to open in 2016 Similar impact to Mitsui Results JAXPORT will be 3rd largest port on Eastern seaboard Economic impact of $5B - $6B per year, perhaps 100K jobs Mitsui terminal UNF Transportation & Logistics Flagship Program Ranked #13 in the country #1 non-doctoral institution #14 contributor to leading logistics journals over the last 20 years Ranked in the top 25 in thought leadership in the discipline...
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MAN 3504 - Introduction (6 slides per page) - MAN 3504 -...

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