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BCOM 3223 Fall 2010 Extra Credit Opportunity Assignment Sheet You may go to an on-campus or community presentation (guest speaker) and write a 1.5 -2 page paper about the presentation. I am not that picky, but you need to be physically present at the presentation. No online or TV speeches. If you are not sure about the presentation, you can ask me if the speech would qualify for this assignment. You are allowed to turn in two reports, which are worth 15 points each. Total Possible Points You May Earn: 30 In your report about the paper, please include: The name of the speaker.
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Unformatted text preview: • The title of the presentation. • The date and time of the presentation. • The main ideas of the speech. • State if visual aides were used. • Relate the technique (how the speaker spoke) to the concepts we are learning in class. (Lecture and Made to Stick ). Last Day to Turn in Extra Credit: December 14 (Section 001) and December 16 (Sections 002 and 003). You may also, and I encourage you to, turn it in to me before these dates. Format: • 1.5-2 pages • Typed • double spaced, • 12 point Times New Roman Font. • 1-inch margins....
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