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Unformatted text preview: Question 1: "Communicate so that you cannot be misunderstood." This is the first rule of communication according to the author's of You, Inc. As a communicator, what are some ways you can do this ? I believe you just need to make yourself clear, Such as stating your purpose of your communication. Make sure it is logical and understandable. Question 2 : Beckwith and Beckwith state that "Clarity inspires trust." How does this relate to concepts we have learned in class? (Hint: Thursday's lecture.) Well, trust comes from honesty. And I believe if you are honest about the things you are communicating you are also clarifying about yourself. Question 3: If you had to build a "brand of you." how would you sell "you?" Like in question number 2. I would just be real about myself. Honesty gains trust from people and if you have someone’s Like in question number 2....
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