Government Lecture Nov. 27

Government Lecture Nov. 27 - Pluralist-lengthy...

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November 27, 2007 Public policy: laws, rules, regulations…by government officials…raised through the political process…in response to existing issues and problems… Each branch of government has a way of creating public policy: 1. legislation: legislative 2. executive orders: executive 3. court decisions: judicial The Policymaking Process 1. Issue identification: attention is called to a problem 2. Agenda Setting: importance of problem is considered 3. Policy Formulation: response to problem is written 4. Policy adoption: support is gathered for the response to a problem 5. Policy implementation: response to problem is carried out. - thought programs and services 6. Policy evaluation: results from decisions are reviewed Models of Decision Making Rational Model - identify problem - identify alternative solutions - develop criteria for solving problems at hand - apply criteria systematically to alternatives - choose best solution to problem Incremental Model: Only slight changes are made to existing policies Elite Model: Decision making in hands of the educated, wealthy, and powerful
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Unformatted text preview: Pluralist:-lengthy process-influenced by numerous interest groups Types of public policy 1. domestic 2. foreign 3. defense Domestic Policy… Education policy: (example—no child left behind)-access-funding-content-quality Monetary Policy:-manipulation of money-interest rates Fiscal/ Economic Policy:-budget policies o national debt o budget-participants o Keynesians: government intervention in the economy o Monetarists (libertarians): oppose government intervention in the economy Trade Policy:-tariffs-globalization-free trade Regulatory Policies: regulates behavior-social: food advertising-economic: consumer protection, worker protection, equal opportunity-environmental: negative externalities Social Welfares Policies: Aid/ assistance to Americans aimed at promoting the overall welfare… (Examples: social securities, Medicaid, food stamps, grants and student loans)...
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Government Lecture Nov. 27 - Pluralist-lengthy...

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