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Carleton SzeTo Lazarillo de Tormes vs. Edward Bloom In the story of Lazarillo de Tormes , the main character, Lazaro, narrates his own life story in an autobiographical way. He, much like Edward Bloom of the movie Big Fish , elaborates in immense details about his adventure throughout his life. But what separates these two gentlemen are their own individual personalities and way of life. These differences, in an oxymoron way, are similar. The question is how these contrasts make them comparable. The motion picture, Big Fish , was released in 2003, starring Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney. Both men played the main character of Edward Bloom as McGregor was playing the younger version of Bloom and Finney played the old and dying version. Edward Bloom grew up in a town called Aston and quickly became the most popular young man in that small town. He excelled in everything and realized his ambition grew wild with the need to accomplish bigger things in the bigger world outside of Ashton. Edward Bloom then leaves home to go on a mystical adventure alongside his new giant friend, Carl. In the movie Big Fish , Edward Bloom never gave many details about his family origin, but in the book Larillo de Tormes , Lazaro goes in depth about his family. Lazaro de Tormes is the child of Tome Gonzales and Antona Perez, who was “born in a river.” His father was in charge of a water-mill but then got arrested for ‘bleeding the sacks belonging to other millers.’ Then his mother became widowed and then met a black man and gave Lazaro a baby brother. His family life was sheltered and strange. As far as social-economic class goes, his family was very low- class. His step-father looked after horses and his mother cooked meals and washed clothes for students in the town Salamanca. Both Lazaro’s parents and step-father had bad morals and was
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Carleton SzeTo not really such a role model for him. Lazaro leaves home because his mother thought it would be best if he left with the blind man and let the blind man take care of him. The weird individual Lazaro have met includes the first master who was blind, the second master
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HispanicLiteratureEssay#1 - Carleton SzeTo Lazarillo de...

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