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Interracial Sexuality - Carleton Sui SzeTo Understanding...

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Carleton Sui SzeTo Understanding Human Sexuality Interracial Sexuality and Relationship Throughout the history of this world, interracial relationships have been a hot topic at times. Now days, people describe it more consistently as “weird.” Of course back in the days when segregation existed, interracial relationships were not allowed unless the minority was a slave or a fellow worker. White Americans had severe hatred towards the blacks and the rest of the minorities; such as Asians and Latinos. For those who were and are against interracial relationship simply has no legitimate explanation on how or why they hated it. Interracial relationship can be a beautiful thing; as a relationship can grow with attraction, intimacy and love, it becomes just like any other relationships, so why go against it? In fact, interracial sex can be such a stunning phenomena, it should be encouraged. Social scientists rave over the issue of interracial sexuality because it is quite rare. Aaron Gullickson elaborates on his findings of interracial marriage trends. “The study of interracial marriage has experienced a Renaissance in the last thirty years.” “The rapid increase in the frequency of interracial marriage since the 1960s and the increasing sophistication of data collection and analysis are largely responsible for the renewal of interest in the topic. This recent scholarship has vastly improved our knowledge of interracial marriage in the period since 1960” (289). But like it was stated before, interracial relationships happened way earlier than the 1960s. Studies have shown that interracial relationships have dated back as far as the 1850s. “In fact, to date, no study has attempted to establish the trend outside of the period since 1960. Although rare, interracial marriages have always existed, and understanding the historical trend provides
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SzeTo2 insight into the ebb and flow of a broader openness to interracial contact. The larger historical record may also help address unresolved issues in the study of interracial marriage today” (290). The history of interracial sex is quite interesting. Referring to the 1850s, one would think that a black man/woman would have no chance of have a sexual relationship with a white man/woman. Of course the reason would be the segregation between the two races. But again, Gullickson explains how interracial sex begins writing history. “Interracial sexual contact likely peaked sometime during the early colonial period, when white indentured servants and black slaves were in close contact in large numbers. The practice of keeping white indentured servants was on the decline and African slavery was on the rise, leading to a transitional period in which the two groups often lived and worked in close quarters. This interracial exposure at a time when folk ideologies of racial difference were still in their infancy probably produced the highest level of interracial sexual contact ever observed in this country” (290). Edmund S. Morgan helps
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Interracial Sexuality - Carleton Sui SzeTo Understanding...

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