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Carleton SzeTo November 14, 2007 Mini Report Lost is about an airplane crash on an outwardly deserted island where most of the passengers on the plane survive. Then the story progresses into each character’s past and present life. Each episode has a unique approach to each character’s secretive history. It would preview ridiculous foreshadowing, and then it would follow with a strong cliffhanger after each episode. As the show goes on, it reveals more information about the mysterious island, but it would also leave more mysteries. This show is about to premiere its fourth season in February, and it should not be missed. I am proposing that this show is the best show ever created. The talented writers
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Unformatted text preview: include all rhetorical devices in this show. Every episode will contain logo, ethos, and pathos. This show has everything any audience will ever want in a show. In my opinion, only people who are patient can really enjoy this show. Because this show reveals its answers slow. This endless drama is packed with inexplicable actions along with cliffhangers that will leave you breathless. The last episode of season three, it left the whole world hanging with what some called the finest cliffhanger ever created. I, myself was so shocked I threw my remote control across the room and screamed....
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