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Carleton SzeTo Dr. Stapp English Composition 1113 11-5-07 NBA Player Dress Code The NBA (National Basketball Association) created a new rule a few years ago, a dress code that requires players to wear “Business Casual” attire whenever they are engaged in team or league business. When this dress code first came out, it flustered many players and stirred up controversy around the league. Tom Sorensen, a columnist for the Charlotte Observer , takes an opposing point of view to Charles Barkley, basketball legend and current studio analyst for TNT (Turner Network Television). Whereas Sorensen ineffectively uses morality as his mode of persuasion, he perceives the new NBA dress code as an unnecessary conduct, while Barkley effectively uses rational judgment to see it as an obligatory rule to purify the image of the NBA. Larry Stewart, who actually presents Barkley’s point of view, states Charles Barkley could be a role model for NBA players. The way Barkley sees this new rule proves that he wants young teenagers to follow and to be influenced by the new image the players will create. Barkley also brings a bit out of the issue of racism; he targets African-American kids and says they are trying to dress like professional basketball players. But these children create their own problems; they do not make millions of dollars like NBA players do. “See, these players make $10 million to $15 million a year, so nobody cares how they dress. But regular black kids go out into the real world and how they dress is held against them” (726). Barkley’s main point focuses on trying to make teenagers understand that NBA players, also professional business men, need to 1
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Carleton SzeTo Dr. Stapp English Composition 1113 11-5-07 dress properly according to business. He also thinks this rule will clear the thug-like image of the NBA. As most know, the NBA consists of mostly blacks, and not just regular black men. Most of these black men, covered with tattoos, jewelries and baggy clothes in public, give themselves a stereotypical gangster image. “If a well-dressed white
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NBA Essay - Carleton SzeTo Dr Stapp English Composition...

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