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Philosophy Notes - Oct 29th Final causewhy.human happiness...

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Oct. 29 th Final cause…why?...human happiness, perfection, self-actualization What is the function of a human?...an activity of soul in accordance with virtue and reason What is the point to living?...there is an over arching purpose… Human flourishing…functional excellence Intellectual virtues… capacities- philosophical wisdom…non-practical, abstract puzzles?... education – practical wisdom…matters you control + change…practical matters thinking…goals…strategies to achieve Moral virtues… Custom + Habit – Vice of excess- foolhardy , too charitable, … , brutally honest Virtue- courage , clarity , sharing, honesty , temperance Vice of deficiency- coward , stingy, … , Aim for golden mean of the virtue… Oct. 31 st virtuous Akratic/ incontinent/ morally weak Enkartic/ continent/ morally strong Vicious/ evil Nov. 7 th Spohists 470 Socrates 469-399 Plato 427-347 Truth…beauty…justice…goodness Teaching rhetoric…morally relative…cynical…
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November 9, 2007 Socrates: 3 criteria of truth 1. capture the essential features 2. univocal—true for all and all time 3. help settle the hard cases Locke State of nature (hypothetical) (no government)...Abundance, plenty 4 natural rights…no murder…no harms…no steal/ destroy—leave enough for others everyone gives up an equal amount of liberty to maximize the four rights 1. Life 2. Liberty 3. Health 4. Property 3 limits on property…natural property “you mix your labor with it” 1. you cant accumulate so much that it spoils in the accumulations 2. have enough for others Locke: 3 types of government Good government- protects and expands the four natural rights Bad government- does not protect nor abuse the 4 natural rights Evil government (illegitimate) - actively abusing or restricting the 4 natural rights Hobbes: State of Nature (no government) Scarcity and Competition War of every man against every man No possession only as long as you can keep it No trust…No promises COCONUT ISLAND…no government (mean state of nature) --nasty, poor, brutish, short, solitary-- Create a 3 rd party, the sovereign, big and powerful enough to enforce contracts and promises…people now have to follow rules and promises Survival and power (2 motivations) the government will/ may become abusive
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