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Reading Response - do evil but if one must do it in order...

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Reading Response #5 I do think that the context of killings matters. But given the situation, I think I would have done the same thing. Morality would only come second to my mind. With that type of situation and that type of caliber, I would have thought about my country first. I believe anytime you kill another human being is immoral, even when it is for a good cause. So to burn 100,000 Japanese to death just to save tens of thousands of Americans is also immoral. In any case, I do not think it is moral to kill anybody, but given the circumstances, I would have done it. I think everyone has their own definition of “evil.” As Aristotle once said, “We must as second best…take the least of evils.” My definition somewhat connects itself to this quote. I think evil is a choice by one who has an intention to hurt, and one should not
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Unformatted text preview: do evil, but if one must do it in order to produce good, do it in the least amount possible. And I think McNamara shares the same definition. McNamara’s definition of “good” can be anything. For a man who’s been through a few wars, the definition of “good” is going to be hard to define. But I think his definition of “good” is just keeping United States safe and trying to keep the world at peace. So to do evil to produce good, it means there is going to killing in order to end the war, and to keep the United States from further harm. I believe the responsibilities McNamara refers to are the decisions we make. If we were to make a bad decision, we probably would not meet our responsibility. McNamara seems like a virtuous person to me, so I think he would answer the questions just like a good human being would....
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