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Practice sheet 2 - How many miles has the aircraft flown b...

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Practice sheet #2. 1. Convert links-gallons per week to nautical miles-liter per year . 2. Convert kilometer-acres per fluid ounce to feet-meter 2 per liter . 3. In the triangle below, side a is 100 nautical miles. What are the lengths of sides b and c . What are the other two angles? 4. An aircraft travels from Point A to Point B for 100 nm on a course of 045º. It then flies to Point C on a course of 180º for 200 nm. It then turns onto a course of 090º and flies 100 nm to Point D. a)
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Unformatted text preview: How many miles has the aircraft flown? b) What is the displacement of the aircraft? 5. Vector A has magnitude 150 and is oriented at 45º wrt horizontal. Vector B has magnitude 300 and is oriented at -45º wrt horizontal. These two vectors are added together. What is the resultant vector? 6. The vector below has magnitude 200 and is oriented at 60º wrt horizontal. a) What is the vertical component of the vector? b) What is the horizontal component of the vector?...
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