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Unformatted text preview: Date Day Topic Assign. Due 8-Jan Mon Course Overview 10-Jan Wed Chap. 1--Intro to Transportation Engineering 12-Jan Fri Chap. 2--Overview Chap. 2 Probs 15-Jan Mon No Class--Martin Luther King Jr. Day 17-Jan Wed Chap 2--In-Class Design Problem (ICDP) 19-Jan Fri Chap 2--ICDP continued 22-Jan Mon No Class--Transportation Research Board Meeting 24-Jan Wed No Class--Transportation Research Board Meeting 26-Jan Fri Chap 2--ICDP continued 29-Jan Mon Quiz 1 Chap. 2 Probs 31-Jan Wed Chap. 3--Vertical Curve Design Overview Chap. 3 Probs 2-Feb Fri Chap. 3--Horizontal Curve Design Overview 5-Feb Mon Chap. 3--ICDP 7-Feb Wed Chap. 3--ICDP (continued) 9-Feb Fri Quiz 2 Chap. 3 Probs 12-Feb Mon Chap. 5--Traffic Stream Parameters and Models Chap. 5 Probs 14-Feb Wed Chap. 5--ICDP 16-Feb Fri Chap. 5--Queuing Theory 19-Feb Mon Chap. 5--ICDP (continued) 21-Feb Wed Chap. 5--Analysis of Highway Bottlenecks 23-Feb Fri Chap. 5--ICDP (continued) 26-Feb Mon Quiz 3 Chap. 5 Probs 28-Feb Wed Chap. 6--Freeway and Multilane Highway AnalysisChap....
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