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CHM 2045 HOMEWORK # 4 Spring 2007 Instructor: Dr. Fayiga DUE: Feb 26, 2007 Solution stoichiometry 1. a) Calculate the molarity of a solution that contains 0.0345 mol NH 4 Cl in 400ml of solution. b) How many moles of HNO 3 are present in 35 ml of a 2.20M solution of nitric acid? c) How many moles of 1.50M KOH solution are needed to provide 0.125 mol of KOH? 2. Calculate a) The number of grams of solute in 0.25L of 0.150M KBr. b) The molar concentration of a solution containing 4.75g of Ca(NO 3 ) in 0.2L c) The volume of 1.50M Na 3 PO 4 in ml that contains 5g of solute. 3.
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Unformatted text preview: a) What volume of 1.50M HCl are needed to completely neutralize 50 ml of 0.101M Ba(OH) 2 solution? b) How would you prepare a 0.1M solution from a 2.5M NaOH in a 100ml flask? 4. Calculate the mass percentage of Na 2 SO 4 in a solution containing 10.6g Na 2 SO 4 in 483 g of water. 5. Calculate the molarity of the following solutions a) 0.54g Mg (NO 3 ) 2 in 250.0 ml of solution b) 25.0 ml of 3.50M HNO 3 diluted to 0.250L 6. A solution is made up of 14.6g of CH 3 OH in 184g H2O. Calculate a) the mole fraction of CH 3 OH. b) the mass percent of CH 3 OH...
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