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CHM 2045 HOMEWORK # 5 Spring 2007 Instructor: Dr. Fayiga DUE April 2, 2007 1. What is the wavelength of radiation that has a frequency of 7.6 x 10 10 s -1 ? 2. What are the differences between Bohr’s theory and the quantum mechanical model? 3. Write the ground state electronic configuration of the following in a condensed
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Unformatted text preview: form i) Na, ii) Br-, iii) O 2-iv) Al 4. Write the Lewis structures for the following i) Se, ii) Sb, iii) Cl iv) C 5. Classify the following molecules as polar or non-polar i) F 2 ii) CO 2 , iii) NH 3 iv) CF 4 6. Use VSEPR theory to predict the shape of the following molecules. i) SiH 4 ii) PH 3 iii) SeF 2...
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