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Revised class schedule/Reading assignment CHM 2045 Spring 2007 Date Day Topic Reading assignment Feb 14 Wednesday Gases and gas laws I Chapter 10: 404-427 Feb 19 Monday Solution stoichiometry Chapter 4:144-152 Feb 21 Wednesday Solutions Chapter 13: 528-556 Feb 26 Monday Colligative properties of solutions Chapter 13: 528-556 Feb 28 Wednesday Exam 2 Mar 5 Monday Modern atomic theory I Chapter6:218-246 Mar 7 Wednesday Modern atomic theory II Chapter6:218-246 Mar 12 Monday Spring break Mar 14 Wednesday Spring break Mar 19 Monday Chemical bond types Chapter8:300-309 Mar 21 Wednesday Lewis structures
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter8:310-327 Mar 26 Monday Molecular geometry I Chapter9:346-373 Mar 28 Wednesday Molecular geometry II Chapter9:346-373 April 2 Monday Bonding orbital theory and isomerism Chapter9:373-384 April 4 Wednesday Exam 3 April 9 Monday Chemical reactions Chapter 4:122-142 April 11 Wednesday Chemical reactions Chapter 4:122-142 April 16 Monday Chemical kinetics I Chapter 14:576-607 April 18 Wednesday Chemical kinetics II Chapter 14:576-607 April 23 Monday Thermodynamics I Chapter 19:804-830 April 25 Wednesday Thermodynamics II Chapter 19:804-830 April 27 Classes end May 1 Final exam...
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