CEG 4012 Syllabus - Fall 2012

CEG 4012 Syllabus - Fall 2012 - CEG 4012 Geotechnical...

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CEG 4012 Geotechnical Engineering (3 Credits), Required Course, Spring 2011 Description : Subsurface stresses, Settlement Analysis, Site Investigation and InSitu Methods, Shallow and Deep Foundations, Slope Stability, and Lateral Earth Pressures/Retaining Wall Design. Prerequisites : CEG 4011 Objectives : Assure students are able to determine the stress increase due to a surface load; to apply stress increase and insitu measurements to analyze foundation settlements; to design shallow foundations (footings) and deep foundations (piles); to analyze the stability of slopes; to determine the stresses against retaining walls; to design retaining walls for various subsurface conditions; to apply Allowable Stress Design (ASD) and Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) methods. Lectures : MWF - 3rd Period – Weil Hall 270 Final Exam : Scheduled for 16B (December 16 th , 10:00 – 12:00) Instructor : Ana Mohseni Office: 265F Weil Hall Phone: (352) 392-9537 Ext. 1462 email: amohseni@ce.ufl.edu Office Hours : M, W, F- 10:40 – 11:30 am Teaching Assistant : Seoung Hyun Rho Office: 268 Weil Hall Email: rsh1649@ufl.edu Office Hours: : T,R- 9:00 – 12:00 pm Text and Notes : Geotechnical Engineering , Holtz, Kovacs and Sheahan, 2nd Edition Additional Reference: Principles of Geotechnical Engineering , Braja M. Das, Sixth Edition Notes for each lecture will be provided in PDF format and posted on Sakai. The notes are partially
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CEG 4012 Syllabus - Fall 2012 - CEG 4012 Geotechnical...

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