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1 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SPANISH AMERICAN CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION SPANISH 3241 MWF: 2:00-2:50 TUTTLEMAN LEARNING CENTER, 401A FALL 2010 Professor: Dr. Sergio R. Franco E-mail: Office: Anderson Building 419; voice mail messages (215) 204-4390 Office Hours: M/W: 3:00-4:30, and by appointment Course description: Spanish 3241 provides a synopsis of contemporary Latin American civilization, placing special emphasis on the interrelatedness of History and culture, as well as the drastic processes of change that Latin America has undergone from the 20th century up until present day, and this region’s prospects in a globalized world. Learning goals: At the end of this semester you can reasonably expect to have achieved the following goals: 1. To be familiar with the characteristic traits in contemporary Latin American culture. 2. To be able to investigate and talk about a current event affecting Spanish-speaking American countries in a short presentation. 3. To be able to analyze critically US-Latin American relations. 4. To be able to write a short analytical essay in Spanish about Latin America. Course prerequisite: Spanish 3001 (0202) or equivalent. Required Text: Denis Lynn Daly Heyck & María Victoria González Pagani. Tradición y cambio. Lecturas sobre la cultura latinoamericana contemporánea . McGraw-Hill, 2005. Evaluation Criteria : 1. Exam 20% 2. Paper 30% 3. Class Participation 20% 4. 2 Quizzes 20% 5. Oral Presentation 10% 1. Exam: The exam will not merely evaluate the student’s understanding of the readings, but also their ability to compare and contrast the texts analyzed, and to relate those texts to the topics examined in class. The date of the exam is October 13, 2010.
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2 2. Paper: To be written in Spanish. The paper must be eight pages in length, double-spaced in 12-point font, and include a bibliography that adheres to MLA standards. The paper will entail the study of an aspect of Latin American history or culture. Topics may include a relevant cultural or historical figure, an important event, or a historical/cultural process or juncture. Papers are expected to adhere to the grammatical, lexical and syntactical standards of proper Spanish. It is essential that the student speak to the professor about his/her topic, since it must be approved beforehand. The paper is due
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Spanish-Fall-10-3241.001.Franco(2) - 1 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY...

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