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Hist2705 Berman - Lila Corwin Berman [email protected]..

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Lila Corwin Berman Fall 2010 [email protected] Temple University 215-204-9552 916 Gladfelter Hall Office Hours: MWF 10-11 a.m. & by appointment H ISTORY / JEWISH STUDIES 2705 (CRN: 061676) A NTISEMITISM /H OLOCAUST /R ACISM MWF 11-11:50, 308 Barton Hall Classrooms Course Goals This course has two goals: to understand the systematic genocidal policies waged against the Jews during World War II, and to understand how hatred of the other has manifested itself in our modern world. We will start by surveying the positions that Jews occupied in European society prior to World War II as a way of understanding the historical development of antisemitism. Our attention then will turn to Germany and Hitler’s policies from 1923 to 1945. Finally, we will explore how the Holocaust was integrated into mid- to late-twentieth century thought about hatred, racial prejudice, and Jewishness. Throughout the class, we will discuss the relationship between antisemitism and other forms of group hatred. Course Structure Lecture: With only a few exceptions, I will lecture on Mondays and Wednesdays. Discussion: Most Fridays will be reserved for class discussion and other group activities. Assignments: Students will be expected to complete all readings before class on Friday of each week. Other assignments are due as marked on syllabus. Academic Requirements and Grading Policies Late assignments will NOT be accepted unless you have contacted me prior to the due date, and we have agreed upon an alternative arrangement. Short-Answer Responses (2 times during semester): 20% In-class identification and short answer assignment. In-Class Midterm: 20% One essay question, which will be chosen at random on the day of the exam from two possible questions distributed in advance. Focus Questions: 20% (NOTE: I will post questions on Blackboard 24 hours before they are due) Four times throughout the semester, you will be responsible for answering focus questions about the reading. These are due in class and will not be accepted over email or after class. In total, your answers should be no less than half of a typed page (double-spaced) and no more than a full typed page (double-spaced). You should also be prepared to use your answers to participate in class discussions. Please note whether you are assigned to group A or B. Grading will be on a scale of 1 to 5 (lowest to highest). Final: 30% Given during final exam week. Two parts: 1. One essay question, which will be chosen at random on the day of the exam from two possible questions distributed in advance. 2.
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Hist2705 Berman - Lila Corwin Berman [email protected]..

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