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Who's Afraid Of the Big, Bad Israel Debate? Jacobs, Jill . Forward . New York, N.Y.: Feb 21, 2003. Vol. CVI, Iss. 31,433; pg. 9 Earlier this month a Torah commentary that I wrote for the Jewish Theological Seminary's weekly student newsletter was rejected on the grounds that it included a critique of Israeli government policies. The decision by a member of the administration not to print the Torah commentary prompted the resignation of the student editor of the publication, and has sparked intense debate within the institution. In the Torah commentary, I spoke of the symbolism in last week's Torah portion, Tetzaveh, of the names of the Tribes of Israel inscribed on the clothing of the High Priest. All political leaders, I suggested, implicitly "wear" the names of those whom they represent. Thus, actions by the State of Israel -- the Jewish state -- are, in effect, actions in the names of all Jews. The fact that the State of Israel acts in our names, I argued, places on all of us the burden of challenging the government to act justly. In accordance with the "Shnai Luchot Habrit," a 17th-century text, I also proposed a connection between the clothing of the High Priest and the teshuva, or repentance, of the Jewish people. I suggested that we need to do teshuva for the ways in which we have ignored the story of the Palestinians in our teaching and preaching about Israel. This piece, rooted in Torah and in my own experience, was not, as some
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JacobsIsraelDebate - Who'sAfraidOftheBig,BadIsraelDebate...

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