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r I, J ftwn - lN~ { 'cl (Ji'J ucf - thai I'll. ~ Cqf1UJ - ~ (00\) In Th\5 J vi))I p)'l) >C 'I!\'~t)' fet-N<;<; for :;Y'! ~t:mJ.V.p C1 "et) Ii oYL;? COUNT MOLE 11. Napoleon's Instructions to the Assembly of Jewish Notables (July 29, 1806)1 is Majesty, the Emperor and King, having named us Commissioners to transact what- o?\l'r relates to you, has this day sent us to mis assembly to acquaint you with his inten- bOns. Called together from the extremities of mis vast empire, no one among you is igno- nt of the object for which His Majesty has ronvened this assembly. You know it. The ronduct of many among those of your p;;.- ~n has excited complaints which .have feund their way to the foot of the throne: these- complaints were founded on truth; .lnd nevertheless, His Majesty has been sat- -fied with stopping the progress of the evil, md he has wished to hear you on the means . providing a remedy. You will, no doubt, p ave worthy of so tender, so paternal a con- duct, and you will feel all the importance of the trust, thus reposed in you. Far from cgn- _ lering the government under--l< \'e ~ power against which you shou~d be y~)Ur guard, you will assist it.W~our perience and 'OQ.QP~UJte with it in all the .. oost it inte~Jh.u.s ...YQu_wilLpLOlle that, tollo~in the exam .k.2ia[I.F.!eochmen, you d not seclude ourselves from the rest of an.k.1nd .--- - The Jaws which have been imposed on in- dividuals of your religion have been differ- ent in the several parts of the world: often they have been dictated by the interest of the y. But, as an assembly like the present, hds no precedent in the annals of Christiani- ty, so will you be judged, for the first time, 'ith justice, and you will see your fate irre- "ocably fixed by a Christian Prince. ]:he 'islL2f1:Iis Majesty is, t~e.Lj::!lll-Should be Fre~i it remains with you to accept the proffered title, without forgetting that, to prove unworthy of it, would be renouncing it altogether. You will hear the questions submitted to you, your duty is to answer the whole truth on everyone of them. Attend~imd never lose sight of that which we are going to tell you; that, when a monarch equally firm and just, who knows every thing, and who punishes or recompenses every action. puts questions to his subjects, these would be equally guilty and blind to their true inter- ests, if they were to disguise the truth in the least. The intention of His Majesty is, Gentle- men, that you should enjoy the greatest freedom in your deliberations, your answers will be transmitted to us by your President, when they have been put in regular form. As to us, our most ardent wish is to be able to report to the Emperor, that, among indiViouals ormEneWiSn persuaslon-;-he Can,TeCrOn as-iii'an. J<.!jtJ:\fuLs!:!.ojeits, ~e1er- mined to conform in every thing to the laws and to the morality, which ought foreg-ulate the conduct of a1T Frenchmen. (One of the secretaries [proceeded to read
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NapoleonDocs - r I, J ftwn - lN~ cfw_ ' cl (Ji'J u cf -...

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