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American Revolutions 0848 Baer

American Revolutions 0848 Baer - History 0848 American...

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History 0848 American Revolutions Spring 2009 Instructor : Dr. Friederike Baer Office: Gladfelter Hall 854 class times: MWF 8:40 – 9:30 E-mail: [email protected]le.edu BB 403 Phone: 215-204-3457 (call during office hours or email if you want to make sure I get your message within a day. I don’t routinely check my voicemail; however, I check my email every day.) Office Hours: Mondays, 12 PM – 2 PM, or by appointment This course focuses on three significant moments in American history—the American Revolution, the removal of the Cherokees from Georgia in the 1830s, and the Scopes Trial in 1925. By examining these three pivotal moments, students will gain a better understanding of a range of complex forces that have helped shape American society. In this course, students will work as historians do; they will examine and interpret primary sources, evaluate historical arguments, and assess the validity of claims about the past. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: PARTICIPATION: This is a course in which active participation is required. You are expected to come to class prepared and willing to contribute your ideas and questions to discussion. This means that you must complete the required readings by the beginning of class. In addition, you are expected to participate actively in several debates on assigned topics throughout the semester, and you are required to lead discussion (in groups) at least once. We will strive to create a learning environment in which everybody is comfortable to express opinions and ask questions. LIBRARY DIGS: You are required to complete three “library digs.” This involves using Temple’s library to locate primary sources on assigned topics. A library orientation at the beginning of the course will introduce you to relevant resources at Temple. WRITING ASSIGNMENTS: There will be two 1,000-word essays (due 3/30 and 4/29). Typed papers must be submitted in hard copy in class on the due date indicated in the syllabus. Late papers will be penalized (1/3 letter grade/day). EXAMS: There will be an in-class “blue book” exam (2/23) and a final exam. Both will consist of essay questions. QUIZZES: There may be short quizzes throughout the semester. (They will count toward participation.) ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance is required. Being more than ten minutes late, leaving temporarily during class, or leaving early count as absences . Unexcused absences will affect your grade!
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COURSE GRADE: Participation: 25% (including quizzes, leading discussion, library digs) Papers: 30% (15% each) In-class exam: 15% Final: 30% OTHER COURSE POLICIES: It is essential that you complete assigned readings before class. Bring assigned readings to class. Note carefully the dates for the blue-book exam and final examination and the due dates for the papers as listed on this syllabus. If you miss an exam without a valid excuse (documented illness, family emergency), you
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American Revolutions 0848 Baer - History 0848 American...

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