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1/20/11 1 1 Prof. Lindemann wants to know whether the color of her clothing impacts student alertness. Every day she uses iclickers to collect data on student alertness in her classes. She plans her wardrobe so that some days she wears bright colors and other days she wears dull colors. What is the independent variable in this study? A) Student alertness B) all iclicker responses for the day C) Clothing color D) There is no independent variable E) Not enough information 2 Registration – wait list Clickers Extra Credit #1 –Due Tues., January 25 How extra credit works In “Assignments” on courseworks. Submitting on-line – Folder in “class files” Submitting in class Challenges of Experimental Design Research Examples Correlational Research How it works Problems of interpretation Learning – Classical Conditioning 3
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1/20/11 2 4 Theory Active Learning is more effective than passive learning Hypothesis Clickers promote active learning IV – Use of clickers Group 1 – Clickers
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02)_experimental_design_and_learning_25 - 1/20/11 Prof....

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