Drama Notes 3-7

Drama Notes 3-7 - “estrangement” “to make strange”...

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Drama Notes 3-7-07 Playwriting/Dramaturgy Melodrama Realism Naturalism (Zola) / Well-Made Play (Scribe) Expressionism New Form Epic Theatre: Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) The Caucasion Chalk Circle (1948) Epic Theatre Aristotle Imitation/mimesis Identification/empathy Catharsis Brecht Narrative/reporting Analysis/judgment Withhold catharsis Vocabulary Style: epic theatre Philosophy: Marxism Method: Dialectics (back and forth) Key: Verfremdung People Aristotle Karl Marx Verfremdungseffekt “Alienation” “distancing”
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Unformatted text preview: “estrangement” “to make strange” Sports contests-active style Dramaturgy 1. discontinuity/episodes 2. dialectics in character 3. stylized language 4. scene titles 5. songs Production 1. mutually alienating elements 2. general lighting 3. half-curtain 4. placards/projections 5. onstage band The Caucasian Chalk Circle v-effects narrative form ironies in structure dialectics in characters role of emotion...
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Drama Notes 3-7 - “estrangement” “to make strange”...

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