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Tim Kelly Com 251 10:00 Paper 3 I identified with the theory about computer-mediated communication, perhaps more than any other theory discussed in class. The reason I was able to identify with that specific theory is because I had to experience communication through computers for most of last summer. My girlfriend at the time went to study in Italy for two months and we were left with only a few ways of keeping in touch. Because of the time difference of six hours, it was difficult for us to have conversations on the phone, not to mention the price that a phone call would cost. We were worried that the distance would cause problems in our relationship, and at the time we were uncertain of what would happen. Had this been after I learned about the computer mediated communication theory, I would have been confident that our communication would be effective. Although we were unable to have a lot of direct conversations, we managed to communicate with each other relatively successfully, considering the distance between us. Joe Walther added on to the Computer Mediated Theory by rejecting previous assumptions about that type of communicating. Computers are a relatively new medium for communication. It was originally thought that computer aided communication was impersonal and not useful for social relationships.
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com 251 paper 3 - Tim Kelly Com 251 10:00 Paper 3 I...

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