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Kelly3tm Tim Kelly CPS 100 22138768 PA # 1 Napster has gone through several legal battles in the past decade. During the beginning stages of the website, music was downloaded and shared freely by millions of users. For roughly a year, the free downloading continued until the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) filed a lawsuit against Napster in December 1999 (Marcus Mayer, The Rise and Fall of Napster). At the end of the trial, Napster was found guilty of copyright violations and forced to pay $26 million to copyright holders (Mayer). Another lawsuit, brought by metal band Metallica was another fatal blow to the company. After the copyright trials were over, Napster was only a fraction of what it once was. They were forced to shut down completely, and the company was later reformed and purchased by other music databases. According to Marcus Mayer, “ The current legal incarnation of Napster is as a subscriber-based pay service.” Meaning that Napster provides a legal service in which subscribers pay a monthly fee for the right to download songs. The new Napster is similar to other music sharing networks that developed after Napster, such as iTunes or LimeWire. I believe that Napster, or any other site that is similar to it, should not be shut down. I do not agree that the creator of a site like Napster should be punished, nor do its users deserve to be treated as criminals. I do, however, understand why the recording industry is upset about file sharing, but the musicians themselves, along with the industry need to look deeper into the issue and realize that they themselves can benefit from it, as well as consumers and fans. I play guitar in a band, a small, unpopular, never going to go anywhere band. It is my dream to play music for a living, but I will be happy we never become rich and famous rock stars. It is, however, our goal to hit the big time, and the only way to do that is to gain as many listeners as possible. We do all kinds of things to make our music be heard. Technology makes it infinitely easier for my band to gain a fan base and get our name out there. We have music available on YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook and we allow and encourage people to listen to us, for free. There are countless other small
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kelly3tm_PA 1 - Kelly3tm Tim Kelly CPS 100 22138768 PA 1...

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