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"istians8e s: negroup such by [essional udience. lentified ics were 1al mar- e needs <et sim- 'ility of ion the t of our a show a addi- he puf- rses of hed."15 which cal in- y little ,I of its ~com- nmvl- now rket- eon- Ie in ~mic, CHAPTER EIGHT The Media Are Commercial 173 and political participants. Given that, is there some ethical middle grow1d where \v€ recognize at one and the same time, their value as consumers and their value as citizens? Then too, we might ask, in our capitalist economy, is this unique to the Hispanic market? The truth is, hOl,vt:'ver, that the oppressed are not ... living "outside" society. They have alWi:lys been "inside"-inside the structure v'lhich made them "be~ ings for others." The solution is not to integrate them into the structure of op- pression, but to transform the structure so that they can become "beings for themselves.'~ 34 Gatekeepers: Closing the,.Door The marketplace of ideas, the belief that "the best way to discover truth is through robust competition of a multitude of voices," is a metaphor deeply entrencheq in American cul- ture and democracy.'8 In the introduction to this cijapter, we noted that,because our media system is advertising-supported, media routinely craft their content to draw audiences that advertisers find desirable. As such, entire segment~ofthe population may be ignored; they are not participants in the marketplace ofideas. This case explores the marketplace of ideas from another pers,pective, examining",;3';,' medium's power to reject advertising ~essages (wit~Jb~ _ ~~~el2ti<;')rLQ£J?pll!!E~,~cJv~'@,: ing) for whatever reason it chooses. Certain'ly, this has economic implications for pal'ti~;U': Tar advertisers, making it difficult if not imposs,tbi~ for them to have Vb1<::7:}nthe econornk
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Case34Gatekeepers - istians8e C HAPTER E IGHT T he M edia A...

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