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Anatomy of Cali Case

Anatomy of Cali Case - Impetus of the Case Anatomy of a...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/23/2010 Impetus of the Case Anatomy of a Drug Investigation Infiltration of the Cali Cartel by the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force – Chicago, Illinois Border Search Authority • Customs Agents in Miami, Florida Perform Outbound Searches of Passengers bound for Bogotá • Use their Outbound – Warrantless Search Authority under 31 USC 5311 • Passengers are required to the report the transportation of currency or monetary instruments exceeding $10,000 Analysis Analysis of Airline Tickets – the Chicago Link • Analysis of materials seized from the defendants in the Miami Currency Cases • Identify airline tickets purchased in Colombian/Mexican neighborhood in South Chicago • Miami Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued for Chicago Travel Agencies 1 9/23/2010 Informant Recruited at Travel Agency • Patriotically Inclined To Assist The Government • Family Member Was A Former Minor Diplomat • Initially Refused To Accept Moiety/POI • Used To Establish Link To Couriers By Surveillance Of Subjects Who Purchased Tickets Chicago Distribution Network Regional Manager For Chicago Manager for Network of Drug Sellers Manager for Network Of Money Couriers Drug Couriers Money Couriers Identified Drug and Money Couriers • Cartel Utilized Separate Chains Of Drug And Money Couriers To Thwart Surveillance • Additional Informant Developed In Money Courier Segment • Established Intensive Surveillance (24 Hours For 10 10 Days) • Multi-agency Task Force Multi• Establish Probable Cause For A Search Warrant End Result • William Salazar Soto – Kingpin- Convicted Kingpinof 21 USC 841 -Distribution or Cocaine, 18USC 1956 Money Laundering, 18 USC 371 -Conspiracy, etc – 225 Months is Jail • Appealed and Conviction Upheld 2 ...
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