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Decalogue - The Dialogue Decalogue Ground Rules for...

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The Dialogue Decalogue Ground Rules for Inter-religious Dialogue FIRST COMMANDMENT The essential purpose of dialogue is to learn, which entails change. At the very least, to learn that one’s dialogue partner views the world differently is to effect a change in oneself. Reciprocally, change happens for one’s partner as s/he learns about oneself. SECOND COMMANDMENT Dialogue must be a two-sided project: both between religious/ideological groups, and within religious/ideological groups (Inter- and Intra-). Intra-religious/ideological dialogue is vital for moving one’s community toward an increasingly perceptive insight into reality. THIRD COMMANDMENT It is imperative that each participant comes to the dialogue with complete honesty and sincerity. This means, not only describing the major and minor thrusts as well as potential future shifts of ones tradition, but also possible difficulties that s/he has with it. FOURTH COMMANDMENT
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