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08.29.2011 (Into to African History)

08.29.2011 (Into to African History) - History at that time...

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08/29/2011 Introduction to African History Was believed that African History was an oxymoron by scholars and that  anthropology was what they believed to be intertwined with Africa; not history Denial of history was mostly for Sub-saharan Africa because had no written  history or progress over time  1. Progress means control and transformation of nature to suit the  need of humans Improvement in human development shows progress and thus history
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Unformatted text preview: History, at that time, was only applied to Western nations because they were the only ones that showed progress over time Progressively, scholar’s language changed from “progressing” to “developed” countries • Every nation is advised to develop • After the colonial period, that is when Africa was thought to have a history because that is that now orally transmitted things are as historical as written ones...
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