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09.14.2011 (Notes for into to African History)

09.14.2011 (Notes for into to African History) - producing...

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09/14/2011 Introduction to African History Transatlantic Slave Trade and Slavery itself were  two different things Transatlantic Slave Trade Industrial Revolution 1) The first production of the industrial revolution of England was textiles  (Manchester); huge demand for raw materials (cotton) because  essential for textiles 2) Wanted to free slaves and undermine the Indian economy, because  India was a colony.  3) England switched from search for humans beings (labor, slavery) to  search for human product; search for human labor becomes an  illegitimate cause  as opposed to raw materials that surpasses that.  4) New arrangement Brits saw for West Africa is that west African farmers  would produce cotton and when ready would sell to British whole sale  merchants, send to England and then would go to Manchester, turned  into clothes, then sold to Africans; Africa becomes a raw material 
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Unformatted text preview: producing region and England becomes a more industrialized nation (both dependent on one another) 5) If slave trade continued, the Brits would not have the necessary labor to produce what they needed to come more industrialized and rely on India which is farther away • Abolitionist 1. Stated that buying other human beings for profit is against God and his will. • Haitian Revolution 1) First and last time slavery is ended because of a slave revolution 2) First country to end slavery and United States came second. Sierra Leone, was a country created by the British Juhad States (religious state) and Sokoto Caliphate (slave plantation producing cattle, that will end up on a British ship heading for Manchester) Mahdist State (motivated by Islamic ideas) famous because fought British and Egyptians in Soudan (Sudan)...
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09.14.2011 (Notes for into to African History) - producing...

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