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Unformatted text preview: Proceedings 4th International Conference On Sustainable Development ICSD 2016, Rome, Italy Book of Abstracts ECSDEV European Center of Sustainable Development Rome, 2016 2 Book of Abstracts Proceedings of the 4th International Conference On Sustainable Development 4th ICSD 16-17 September 2016, Rome, Italy Book of Abstracts Editing: Pierangelo Magnini Scientific Coordinator: Gihan Diab Editorial Coordinator: Cesare Anselmi Editorial Managing: Diamantina Allushaj ISBN 978-12-200-11-198 Publisher: European Center of Sustainable Development © 2016 by ECSDEV All rights reserved. This work may not be translated or copied in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher (ECSDEV, Via dei Fiori, 34, 00172 Rome, Italy), except for brief excerpts in connection with reviews or scholarly analysis. Use in connection with any form of information storage and retrieval, electronic adaptation, computer software, or by similar or dissimilar methodology now know or hereafter developed is forbidden. The use in this publication of trade names, trademarks, service marks and similar terms, even if they are not identified as such, is not to be taken as an expression of opinion as to whether or not they are subject to proprietary rights. Printed by Gruppo Srl Via del Lavoro, 22, 36040, Grisignano VI, Italy Tel: 0039/0444613696 Web: Proceedings 4th ICSD 2016 3 Contents Contents 3 Introduction 15 International Steering Committee: 16 Conference Program 17 1. Guimarães: How to Preserve the legacy creating a sustainable future? 18 Prof. Isabel Loureiro, Filipe Fontes, Prof. Paulo Ramísio 18 2. Significance Of Cultural Heritage Preservation In Sustainable Cultural Tourism: 19 Muradiye Complex In BURSA, TURKEY 19 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selen DURAK, Saliha TUPAL YEKE, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tulin VURAL ARSLAN 19 3. Past and recent trend in tourist arrivals in Leh district (Ladakh - Indian Trans-Himalaya). Influences on the local sustainable development paths. 20 Dr. Vladimiro Pelliciardi 20 4. Designing Autonomous Communities in Suburbs of Japan 21 PhDc. Ikuyo Kikusawa, Prof. Kayoko Kondo 21 5. Conflict between coastal tourism development and sustainability: case of Mostaganem, Western Algeria 22 Dr. Nasr-Eddine TAIBI 22 6. Strengthening socio-cultural heritage sustainability in tourism: experiences from tertiary education in Bhutan 23 Dr. Rona Chandran, Dr. Channa Gunawardena 23 7. The centrality of food security to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals: A case study of a peri-urban township in South Africa 25 Prof. Betty C. Mubangizi, Prof. John Cantius Mubangizi 25 8. Integrating civil participation into Sustainable Development practice 26 Dr. Christelle Cazabat 26 9. International Migration and Sustainable Development and Social Integration. 27 Dr. Talamo Giuseppina 27 10. Social justice in Development Studies literature 28 Dr. Ingy Mohamed Abdelhameed 28 11. Right to Development in the Context of Sustainable Devel-opment Goals: Sustainability and Equality 29 Dr. Majid Reza Momeni, Dr. Pouria Askary 29 12. Sustainable Development: Towards a new paradigm for India 30 4 Book of Abstracts Raghav Srivastava, Namrata Ramachandran 30 13. Religions and Global Sustainability. A research study in Catalonia (Spain) 31 Dr. Sílvia Albareda Tiana, Prof. Montserrat Gas-Aixendri 31 14. Sustainable Development in the Light of the Teachings of the Encyclical Laudato Si 32 Dr. Reginald Alva 32 15. Straight from their own mouths: Cameroonian women speak about pathways to financial independence. Dr. Victoria Time 33 16. Expressing our Uniqueness to Create a Sustainable Way of Life 34 Dr. Elena DDV Dragotto 34 17. Creating a Unified Foundation for Generative Sustainable Development. Research, Practice and Education: the Perspective of a Development Economist and Practitioner 35 Arianna Briganti 35 18. Living Theory Research Group – a model of sustainable learning for the „flourishing of humanity‟ 36 Sonia Hutchison, Arianna Briganti 36 19. Empirical Research of the Knowledge Degree of Social Economy Enterprises in Stable MicroCommunities Prof. Dan POPESCU, Dr. Cristina STATE 37 20. Requirements for the sustainable development of economic activities in tropical forest communities Elena Mechik, Prof. Dr. Michael von Hauff 38 21. Foundation for Sustainable Development Models in Indigenous Communities: Alternative Model in A Maya Community Dr. Isabel Dulfano 39 22. Harkaleh Watershed Ecological Capability Assessment for Agriculture Land With an Emphasis on the Sustainable Development. 40 Dr. Katayoon Varshosaz, Dr. Elham Mubarak Hassan 40 23. Conserving Water: Traditions of Sacred Groves in India. 41 Dr. Mala Agarwal 41 24. Stories from the English riverbank: How riparian communities interpret, articulate and action water resource sustainability 42 Dr. Mary Gearey 42 25. The Assessment of the Efficiency of Classical and 43 Cooperative Training in Promoting the Participation of Employees of R .P.C in the field of H.S.E 43 Dr. Katayoon Varshosaz, Dr. Elham Mubarak Hassan 43 26. UNESCO‟s Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report 2016: Education for people and planet 44 Dr. Priyadarshani Joshi 44 27. The Development of Science Process Skills and Academic Achievement in Chemistry of MatthayomSueksa Five Students at Ramkhamhaeng University Demonstration School Using the Peer-Assisted Technique 45 Maneeras Sa-ngiemjit 45 28. Social Learning Tools for Environmentally Sustainable Con-sumption Behavior in Primary Schools Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Dr. Leela Rani 46 Proceedings 4th ICSD 2016 5 29. Developing Children with Special Needs Through Love, Understanding and Rationality. 47 Dr. Nipa Smitasiri 47 30. On the Need of Ethical Foundations for Global Education 48 Dr. Pawel Bernat, Prof. Helena Ciazela 48 31. Intelligibility Redefinition and Students‟ Confidence in English Speaking in Thai ELT 49 Supatranut Singhanuwananon 49 32. A Suggestion of Quiz Model for Testing Knowledge of Inte-rior Design Students 50 Research Assistant Tuğba Levent 50 33. Using Scientific Activities to improve the Learning Be-havior of Disabled Students in Ramkhamhaeng University 51 Assist.Prof.Dr. Wanida Chatwirakom 51 34. A Pedagogy for Building Cosmopolitan Competencies in Environmental Sustainability Professionals Dr. Michael Mortimer, Dr. Bruce Hull 52 35. Motivation forms regarding the pro-social behaviour of the teenagers at school 53 Esjurda TALLUSHI, Gjylse BIBA, Temisa ISUFI 53 36. Evaluation of Environmental Worldview from the Perspec-tives of Undergraduate Students in N. Cyprus 54 Dr. Buket Asilsoy, Selin Laleci, Sinem Yıldırım, Dr. Kozan Uzunoğlu, 54 Kozan Uzunoğlu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özge Özden Fuller 54 37. Contribution of NGOs in Promotion of Pro-sustainability Behavior at Teacher Education Institutions in Central Vietnam 55 PhDc. Thi Kinh Kieu, Dr. Jane Singer 55 38. Factors influencing career choice: the Romanian business and administration students‟ experience 56 Dr. Laura Elena Marinas, Ramona Stefania Igret, 56 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cristian Marinas , Eugen Prioteasa 56 39. A generation caught between two eras. The drastic shift from comunism to capitalism in Albania 57 Elvira Bruci 57 40. The Role of International Mobile Remittances in Promoting Financial Inclusion and Development 58 Dr. Alois Nyanhete 58 41. Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development: A Third World‟s Perspective 59 Dr. Olasupo (Supo) Owoeye 59 42. Gender Equality as evolution, revolution, democracy, justice and social equality 60 Dr. Xhuljeta Krasta 60 43. Oral Health Status and Oral Impact on Daily Performance in Elderly in Northeastern Region Thailand 61 Dr. Kemika Sombateyotha, Assoc.Prof. Udomsak Mahaweerawath 61 44. Using Cultural Capital for Urban Management , Khon KaenMunicipality,Thailand 62 Kanta Vilachai, 62 6 Book of Abstracts 45. Energy poverty in Southern and Eastern Europe: peculiar regional issues 63 Dr. Alexandru Maxim, Dr. Costică Mihai, 63 Dr. Constantin-Marius Apostoaie, Dr. Andrei Maxim 63 46. Technological implementation in the Brazilian family farming context in order to minimize CO2 and CH4 emissions, a feasibility analysis. 65 Dr. Roberth Andres Villazon Montalvan, 65 Prof. Cátia Regina Silva de Carvalho Pinto, Reney Dorow 65 47. Managing air quality in Suva, Fiji 66 Cynthia Isley, Prof. Peter F. Nelson, Prof. Mark P Taylor 66 48. Application of GPC inventory to measure direct and indirect GHG emissions of rural communities using primary data 67 Dr. Susan Byrne, Dr. Bernadette O‟Regan 67 49. Management of Green Open Space (RTH) in Kendari to Reduce Air Pollution 68 Dr. Lies Indriyani 68 50. Oil Spills Along The Indian Costs: A Challenge To Human And Environmental Security 69 Prof. Amita Agarwal 69 51. Coral Reefs within Australian Coasts: Impact of Climate Change and Environmental Threats 70 Dr. Anfal Dawood 70 52. Emıssıons of Greenhouse Gases from Dıesel Consumptıon in Agrıcultural Productıon over Turkey Beran ADAY, Can ERTEKIN, Fatih EVRENDILEK 71 53. Environmental sustainability of Iron and steel industry: towards reaching the climate goals 72 Prof. Volodymyr Shatokha 72 54. Looking Beyond the Climate Change Convention to attain Global Sustainability Targets. 73 Kalpana S. Murari 73 55. Evaluating Sustainable Land Revitalization Programs and Policies in the United States 74 Prof. Kelly Tzoumis, Colin Driehorst 74 56. Distributive Goals in Climate Justice 75 Prof. Makoto Usami 75 57. Local Actions to Foster Climate Change Adaptation through Sago Palm Development nitiatives: Examining the Case of South Sulawesi, Indonesia 76 PhDc. Marlisa Ayu Trisia , PhDc. Andi PatiwareMetaragakusuma, 76 Prof. Katsuya Osozawa, Prof. Hu Bai 76 58. Renewable Energy Development and Utilization in Indonesia within the Framework of Energy Policy 77 Muhammad Misykat Hiksas, Agung Cahyadi 77 59. The reliability of fingerprint technology in user authentication, its application in business and impact on environmental sustainability 78 Assiya G. Utzhanova 78 Proceedings 4th ICSD 2016 7 60. GIS-based Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Mountain Regions: A Case Study of the Chepelare Municipality in Bulgaria 79 Dr. Ekaterina Ivanova, Dr. Boian Koulov, Dr. Bilyana Borisova, 79 Dr. AssenAssenov, Dr. KirilVassilev 79 61. Geospatial Based Information System Development in Public Administration for Sustainable Development and Planning in Urban Environment 81 PhDc. Georgios N. Kouziokas, 81 62. Improving sustainability of Programmes in Strategic Environmental Assessment procedures: the QUAlitative Structural Approachfor Ranking(QUASAR) the environ-mental effects 82 Dr. Gaia Galassi, Dr. François Levarlet 82 63. Innovative Technology for Sustainable New Materials 83 Dr. Valentina Beghetto, PhDc. Lodovico Agostinis, Renzo Taffarello, Dr. Riccardo Samiolo 83 64. Design and simulation of a sustainable photovoltaic electric plug-in boat 84 Dr. Angel Sánchez, Philipp Steinlechner, Dr. Ángeles Cancela, Dr. Andrés Suárez 84 65. A probabilistic topic model on energy and transporta-tion sustainability perceptions within Spanish university students 85 Dr. Jesus Rodriguez-Pomeda, Cecilia BAYAS ALDAZ, Dr. Leyla Angélica SANDOVAL HAMÓN, 85 Dr. Flor SÁNCHEZ FERNÁNDEZ, Dr. Fernando CASANI 85 66. Production of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculum with Sago Waste Application for Endangered Species of Kalapi (Kalappia celebica Kosterm) 86 M.Si. Asrianti Arif, Dr. Aminuddin Mane Kandari, Dr. Faisal Danu Tuheteru, Masnun 86 67. Research of the Biotope Diversity for the Purposes of Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Chepelare Municipality (The Rhodopes Region of Bulgaria) 87 Dr. Assen Assenov, Dr. Kiril Vassilev, Dr. Boian Koulov, 87 Dr. Ekaterina Ivanova, Dr. Bilyana Borisova 87 68. The contradiction between taxa of conservation significance and invasive species – a case study of sustainable development in Mala Planina 88 Dr. Assen Assenov, Dr. Kiril Vassilev, PhDc. Borislav Grigorov 88 69. Investigating the Effect of Salinity Stress of Different Salts on the Okra and Artichoke Plants in the Invitro and Greenhouse Environment 89 Prof. Dr. Naser Boroomand 89 70. Mathematical Modelling of Chlorella sp., Neochloris conjuncta and Botryococcus braunii in the Raceways of Using Different Drying Methods” 90 Dr. Sevil KARAASLAN, Onder UYSAL, F. Ozge UYSAL, 90 Prof. Dr. Kamil EKİNCİ and B. Salih KUMBUL 90 71. Application of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Approach in the Accommodation Sector of the Balkan Region 92 Dr. Mariana Assenova, Dr. ZdravkoGeorgiev, Dr. BrancoDunjic 92 72. Rearing insects as a protein source for feed: is it an effective and sustainable option? 93 8 Book of Abstracts Dr. Pier Paolo Danieli 93 73. Economic sustainability of agricultural holdings in Po-land in the context of their environmental impact Dr. Wioletta Wrzaszcz, Prof. Józef Stanisław Zegar 94 74. Sustainable Development of Seaport Cities through Circular Economy: A Comparative Study with Implications to Suez Canal Corridor Project 96 Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ezzat 96 75. Government Policy as a Driver for Energy Saving in Egypt 97 Dr. Hussameldeen Bahgat 97 76. Good Governance as a Tool of Sustainable Development 98 Dr. Ilija Stojanovic, Dr. Jovo Ateljevic, Dr. Stevan Stević 98 77. New Financial Spaces Drawn by Institutional Regulatory Barriers. What are the Effects on Territorial Sustainable Development? 100 Prof. Isabella Varraso, Dr. Oriana Cesari 100 78. The Hong Kong Jockey Club: Driving Sustainability and Riding High Together – A Case Study 101 Yihong Yao , Dr. Ariel Dongya Li 101 79. Relationships Between the Attributes Virtual Business and Factors of Sustainable Value Creation in Enterprises in Poland Prof. Bogusława Ziółkowska 102 80. Sustainability research progress and prospects 103 Iskra Sokolovska, Dr. Aleksandar Kešeljević 103 81. Quality in museums as a way to increase sustainability 104 Izabela Luiza Pop, Dr. Anca Borza 104 82. Modelling Economic Growth Based on Economic Free-dom and Social Progress 105 Prof. Dr. Laura Asandului, Dr. Andreea OanaIacobuţă, PhDc. Cristina Cautisanu 105 83. Can Romania offer a sustainable environment for the FDI inflows? 106 Prof. Laura Diaconu (Maxim) 106 84. Human capital - a pillar of sustainable development. Empirical evidences from the EU states 107 Prof. Cristian C. Popescu, Prof. Laura Diaconu (Maxim) 107 85. The impact of Social network media on brand equity in SMEs 108 Dr. Mohammad Reza Nemat Gorgani 108 86. From divergence to convergence: Reevaluating Greece growth potential. An econometric approach” Dr. Sophia Kassapi 109 87. The Current Trends of Globalization in Georgia 110 Prof. Tea Khorguashvili, Dr. Natia Khorguashvili 110 88. Food Security and Economic Growth in South Asia: An Empirical Analysis 111 Naila Tasneem 111 89. Building Quality Institutions for Acquiring Austainable Economic Development in the EU Emerging Countries – Realities and Perspectives 112 Dr. Oana-Ramona Socoliuc, Prof. Ion Pohoaţă, Dr. Delia-Elena Diaconaşu 112 Proceedings 4th ICSD 2016 9 90. Telecommunication Infrastructure and Growth in Deve-loping Countries 113 Dr. Derya Yılmaz, Işın Çetin, 113 91. Effect of Selected Bacteria as Bioremediation on the Degradation of Fats Oils and Greases in Wastewater from Cafeteria Grease Traps 114 Dr. Prachumporn Lauprasert, Jenjira Paengjan 114 92. The ability of Thai Herbal Household Plant Crude Extracts (Alpinia galangal) in Growth Inhibition of Mold Aspergillus Flavus and Destruction of AflatoxinB1 115 Dr. Pinyapach Dungkokkruad, Jatupol Jutirak, Nutsuda Wongkamsom, Pattam Kongsee, Montol Saichi, Atchariya Meesa-ad 115 93. Benzene and 1, 3 Butadiene Concentration and its Potential Health Impact in Chiang Mai, THAILAND 116 Dr. Wisit Thongkum, Dr. Jindawan Wibuloutai, Sawan Thitisutthi, 116 94. Sustainable Development: The Nexus of Environmental Sustainability, Values, and Ethics 117 Dr. Choy Yee Keong 117 95. The Legal Basis of Public Participation in the International Environmental Governance as a Requirement for Sustainable Development 118 Olga Pavlova 118 96. Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – Safety Issues for Energy Companies 119 Dr. Natalia Andreassen 119 97. Treatment of Acid Mine Draiange Using Organic Waste as a Substrate in Sulphate Reducing Bioreactor 120 Dr. Ram Prasad Choudhary 120 98. Sustainable Passive Approach to Treat Acid Mine Drainage 121 A.S. Sheoran 121 99. Assessment of pumps performance in water supply systems – Data collected from multiple case studies 122 Pedro Cardoso, Ricardo Rato, Marco Estrela, António Santos 122 100. Residential Photovoltaic, Survival in the Era of Dimmed Public Subsidies. 124 Dr. Aranit Shkurti 124 101. Sustainability and built environment: the role of higher education in architecture and building engineering Prof. Emilia Conte 125 102. Sustainable remediation of State Houses in New Zealand 126 Prof. Geoff Austin 126 103. The Investigation of Ecological Sustainability Concept On Housing 127 Arch. Meryem Geçimli, Prof. Dr. RUSEN YAMACLI 127 104. Urban Green Space Desirability Assessment, Environ-mental Justice: An Approach in cities Planning Towards Making Cities Sustainable 128 Dr. Neda Orak, Kamran Zandvakili, Dr. Sina Attar Roshan, Fariba Babaei Abkenar 128 10 Book of Abstracts 105. Can Typification Problem In Mass Housing Developments In Turkey be Solved By An Architectural Competition? 129 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tulin VURAL ARSLAN, Gizem Durmus, Ece Hırka, Hatice Ceren Duman 129 106. Space Quality Evaluation of Outdoor Open Spaces In Bursa Historical Bazaar And Khans District 130 PhDc. Seyhan Sen, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tulin VURAL ARSLAN 130 107. The engagement of the Social-Cultural Capital in the development of Sustainable Urban Structure under Risk Conditions. 131 Prof. Carolina Arriagada-Sickinger, Dr. Irina Tumini, Prof. Angela Poletti, Dr. Sergio Baeriswyl 131 108. Adaptive Reuse As A Strategy Toward Urban Resilience 133 Deniz Ozge Aytac, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tulin VURAL ARSLAN, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selen DURAK 133 109. Public vs. Private: The Evaluation of Different Space Types in Terms of Publicness Dimension 134 Assist.Prof.Dr. Elif KUTAY KARACOR 134 110. Albergo diffuso – Regenerating buildings for a niche market in the Maltese Islands 135 Joseph FALZON 135 111. Sustainability Lessons from Kanazawa City, Japan 136 Dr. Aida MAMMADOVA 136 112. Global city: the occupational layer 137 Prof. Isabel Loureiro, Prof. Pedro Arezes, Prof. Nélson Costa 137 113. Coproducing sustainable urban water and sanitation services in Ethiopia 138 Prof. Luisa Moretto, Dr. Marco Ranzato, Dr. Catalina Dobre, 138 Jean- François Pinet 138 114. A Study of Maintaining and Improving the WASH Ser-vices Provided by Local and International Agencies in Selected Refugee Camps in Kurdistan Region, IRAQ 140 Sarko Sabir Ahmed 140 115. Municipal Waste Map: a Case Study of Guimarães, Portugal 141 Dalila Sepúlveda, Prof. Cândida Vilarinho, Prof. Isabel Loureiro, Dr. Joana Carvalho 141 116. Ecological Quality Improvement of Urban Landscapes with Emphasis on Sustainable Development Principles, Case Study: River of Darabad Valley, Tehran, Iran 143 Dr. Ali Reza Sadeghi, Dr. Ferial Ahmadi, Dr. Ali Reza Eskandarinejad 143 117. Urban Sustainable Regeneration of Samarra City 144 Dr. Rashed H. Yaseen 144 118. Assessment of Human Development Status and Personal Ecological Footprints of Residents of Ile-Ife, Nigeria 145 Dr. Olalekan Elijah OJEDOKUN, Nicholas Olaniyi ELUGOKE 145 119. Simulation of a hybrid urban transportation scooter 146 Dr. Ángeles Cancela, René Lastra Cid , Dr. Ángel Sánchez, Dr. Víctor Alfonsín 146 120. Characteristics of organic citriculture in Brazil 147 Proceedings 4th ICSD 2016 Dr. Christian Turra, Priscilla Santos 11 147 121. Synergy between the Multiple Supply Chains and Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) Approaches: An Initial Analysis in Order to Foster Supply Chain Sustainability 148 Ana Lima de Carvalho, Livia Rodrigues Ignacio, Prof. Dr. Kleber Francisco Esposto 148 122. Ecological Sustainability in Rangelands: The Cont...
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