International Business (China)

International Business (China) - International Business...

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International Business Project Notes: China China is home to 1.3 billion people, 45% of which live in urban areas. This rising number represents the largest growing market in the world for foreign investors. Its quickly changing nature is due to government deregulation and movement towards urbanization. As for culture, the two main notions of “face” and Guanxi play critical roles in developing business partners, as well as relationships with their consumers. Due to China’s desire to balance its trade, a window for profitable opportunities in many industries has opened up. In part of recent government deregulation and lowering of tariffs, we see significant opportunity in the Chinese wine market. The market has grown at a rate of 18% annually for the past five years reaching 126 million cases sold in 2009, according to the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, an Australian Government authority.
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International Business (China) - International Business...

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