Narrative Interpretation

Narrative Interpretation - Narrative Interpretation...

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Narrative Interpretation Bibliography: How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon D. Fee Key Terms: Real author: person who wrote the narrative Implied author: image of the author the text progressively creates Real reader: anyone with access to the text Implied reader: anticipated audience who the real author expects to dissect the text using narrative methods Point of view: the attitude or outlook of a narrator or character in a piece of literature Round character: a complex literary character with fully developed traits Flat character: a literary character who is not fully developed and seems more to represent a type of personality Explanation of Interpretation: Narrative interpretation combines methods of analysis with theological reflection Narratives in the Old Testament record what happen and do not necessarily have identifiable moral applications What people do in narratives is not always a good example of justice We use our knowledge from other parts of Scripture to determine whether or not
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Narrative Interpretation - Narrative Interpretation...

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