American History Chap. 11

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Chapter 11 Revivalism and Reform Circuit riding preachers Baptist preachers who rode on horseback along the frontier who stopped to attempt to get converts Peter Cartwright preached in Kentucky Said that people on the frontier of Kentucky were more concerned with the damnation topic rather than theological issues Cane Ridge, KY (The Cane Ridge Revival) Lasted for months, 10 to 25 thousand people attended Considered the revival that started the Second Great Awakening (1820 - 1840) Second Great Awakening “Every soul can be saved”, therefore every soul is valuable main premise Reform impulse, “We need to improve society.” Charles Finney, New York Preacher, focused on this most well known Wanted to change the result of the industrial revolution; temperance reform Moral Reform (North) Stopping prostitution Male reform groups provided shelters and job training for women, the issue was that a women could make 5x as much as a prostitute vs. a worker New York Female Moral Reform Society faulted men for prostitution. They would tell
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