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American History Final Exam Study Guide Manifest Destiny During the 1840’s the concept of Manifest Destiny arose. This concept was the idea that America possessed superior institutions and God have given them to right (or power) to spread their civilization from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. On another note, the “right” to spread American civilization involved eradicating all peoples that would be classified as “primitive”. The actual term was created by a journalist by the name of John L. O’Sullivan, who was also an expansionist. Manifest Destiny implied an extreme sense of national prosperity and racial arrogance that swept over American rapidly, eventually leading to “Oregon Fever”. Oregon Trail The Oregon Trail was the route that reached to the Oregon Country. The Oregon Country became the target of manifest destiny after a Methodist journal was publishing, stating that Indians in the area wished to convert to Christianity. The first wagon trains to set out on the Oregon Trail came from Independence, Missouri. Unfortunately, there were many hardships to be faced along the trial. Indians were not the worst of a pioneer’s worries. Disease, ominous weather, and other medical concerns loomed over the individuals who trailed the passage to Oregon; women especially had to deal with the emotional hardships and looking after families. General Santa Anna General Santa Anna’s role in American History came into play during American migration to the Mexican province, Texas. As more and more Americans began moving into Texas, they began to dominate Texas’s voice in politics in Mexican government. This grievance led to General Santa Anna’s rise to political and military power in Mexico City. His rise to power led to the Texas Rebellion. *Stephen F. Austin Mexico wanted settlers to come into Texas to populate their new, northern territory. Eager for settlers, Mexico granted a large part of the land to an American, Stephen F. Austin. He developed a settlement along the Brazos River. Battle of the Alamo In 1836, after General Santa Anna’s rise to power in Mexico, the Texas Rebellion was occurring. The Battle of the Alamo occurred near San Antonio when General Santa Anna led six thousand troops to exterminate the rebels. The rebels fled into an old Franciscan mission, the Alamo. Of course, the Mexican forces eventually broke through the walls of the Alamo and killed all of the rebels. Among those dead were Davy Crocket and Jim Bowie. *Bear Flag Revolt America had always wanted to acquire California as a territory, ever since Andrew Jackson’s administration. During and after the Texas Rebellion, there were more American settlers in Mexican California and Mexican settlers, many American’s did not
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want to rebel, but did want to become a part of the Union. In 1846, John C. Fremont led the Bear Flag Revolt with a party of frontiersmen in the Sacramento Valley. James K. Polk
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American History Final Exam Study Guide - American History...

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