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Civil War Pt. 1 - CIVIL WAR(1861 1865 7 states seceded...

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CIVIL WAR (1861 - 1865) 7 states seceded before the battle of Fort Sumner, and 4 afterwards. Jefferson Davis was elected President of the Confederate States; Alexander Stephens was the VP. Confederate Constitution was almost identical to the Union Constitution. The differences were that a president served a 6 year term and legalized slavery. The North had an overwhelming advantage against the Confederacy because of their manpower, economy, transportation, industry (supplies) and finances. They also had the navy on their side. The Confederacy had to play a defense war strategy, rather than the North, who had to come down and conquer the South. Southerners felt they were fighting for a cause, protecting their home, states right, etc. They did have an advantage with food supply due to their agriculture, but they didn’t have transportation to take it to troops. Both sides suffered inflation during and after the war. The First Years (1861-1862) A period of Stalemate in the Eastern Theater. (VA) Peninsula Campaign, McClellan (Union) was general at the time.
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