Western Expansion Caused By Market Revolution

Western Expansion Caused By Market Revolution - Western...

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Western Expansion Caused By Market Revolution Influenced by transcendentalism, to get away from materialism Factors include: economic, transportation, and the introduction of new technology. Economic Factors The countries population was beginning to shift from farms to cities, for factory jobs. Factory growth bloomed in the 19 th century, causing economic growth. Changes in energy sources contributed to the growth as well, such as steam power. Agriculture industry was beginning to change too (new tools for more efficiency) Such as the steel plow John Deere Cyrus McCormick McCormick Reaper Allowed for faster wheat harvest by cutting and stacking it for you Eli Whitney Cotton Gin By the 1830s, more and more people were specializing in crops and growing them to sell in the US due to these new inventions Transportation Factors Steam engines were much faster than regular boats, despite the risk of explosion Building of canals and railroads 1828 B&O railroad line, connects Baltimore and Ohio Telegraph communication with Morse Code, invented by Samuel Morse Manifest Destiny 1840’s Concept taken from a journalist, John O’Sullivan The idea that Americans have superior institutions (Christianity, Democracy, Race, etc.) therefore, they have the duty to expand in the entire continent Oregon Fever A false letter published by a Methodist journal said that Indians were seeking Bibles RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH People began to travel to Oregon to settle on the fertile lands. Settlers encountered Indians and eventually asked for government protection. Forts and trading posts were set up. Men liked the new country; women didn’t because of the workload. Mexican Migration Americans were moving into Mexican settlements in Texas due to encouragement from Mexico Took an oath to the American government and converted to Roman Catholicism in order to move in to the settlements Stephen F. Austin was given a large amount of land Southerners were beginning to take their slaves and move in. Mexican passed an emancipation proclamation that outlawed slavery and American emigration. Eventually, Americans started to play roles in Texas government, which made the Mexican leaders uneasy. In the 1830s, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna rises to military leader and consolidated power in Mexico City, cutting Americans out of the government. Americans got mad and declared the Independent Republic of Texas, causing the Texas War for Independence Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston were key leaders Battle of San Antonio at the Alamo The Alamo is a Catholic Mission 6000 Mexican troops marched on San Antonio against less than 200 Americans defending the Alamo Eventually Mexicans broke through and killed everyone, including Davy Crocket and Jim Bowie
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Western Expansion Caused By Market Revolution - Western...

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