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August 27, 2008, Biology [Organic Chemistry] The word “organic” applies to living things, despite the fact that chemistry exists everywhere. 1. Basic Description The chemistry of carbon, hydrogen, and anything that can replace hydrogen. 2. Properties of Carbon Carbon has 4 valence electrons (fill outermost shell) Only forms covalent bonds Electron configuration 3. Hydrocarbons Molecules composed entirely of carbon and hydrogen Simplest hydrocarbon: Methane In Biochemistry, single and double bonds are the most common
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Unformatted text preview: All hydrocarbons are a polar. 4. Alcohols All alcohols have a common functional group. Group: C-OH (Carbon bonded to OH; [methanol]) All alcohols are polar (water is polar). Therefore, they are mostly water soluble. 5. Amines Modified ammonias- NH3 All bases All polar (water soluble) 6. Aldehydes & Tetones Functional group: =C=0 Polar & water soluble 7. Carbonxylic Acids Functional group: Carboxyl Group Veryyyyy polar and water soluble...
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