Food Webs - b Track all pieces of one organism eating another(non-linear c Linear Food Web food chain(see notebook 4 Trophic Pyramids(from Greek

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Food Webs & Trophic Pyramids 1. Fundamental Purposes tools for tracing energy movement through ecosystems 2. Ecosystem Concept a bounded collection of interacting objects/factors a. They have a tendency to nest b. A collection of interacting living and non-living components within a boundary (usually fuzzy) 3. Food Webs a. Basic description an accounting system; a method for tracing energy movement through the living component of an ecosystem
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Unformatted text preview: b. Track all pieces of one organism eating another (non-linear) c. Linear Food Web food chain (see notebook) 4. Trophic Pyramids (from Greek “trophos”, reference to food) a. Broad method (accounting) for tracing energy movement and energy movement efficiency through a community b. Efficiency a fraction of usable energy that is transferred during a consumption event (one thing eating another)...
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