Principles of Energy

Principles of Energy - o Quality of energy changes even...

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Principles of Energy 1. Definitions o Work: any situation where energy either moves and/or changes form o Energy: the ability to do work; standard unit: Joules 2. The Laws of Thermodynamics o First Law Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed o Second Law Over time, orderly systems tend to become increasingly disorderly (based on probability) o There cannot be a perpetual motion machine, or something that continues to use the same energy over and over without it becoming disorderly. o System: bounded collections of interacting parts o Entropy: the measure of interchangeability for a given system 3. Properties of Energy o Engine: any system that transforms/moves energy o Quality: a measure of the maximum work that can be extracted from any collection/concentration of energy o Direct reflection of the entropy of the energy concentration
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Unformatted text preview: o Quality of energy changes even when quantity is constant o Anytime work is done, energy quality drops o Efficiency o Property of an engine o 1000 Joules (max quality) system 800 Joules 4. Two Types of Systems o Closed System Where energy does not get in or out (must eventually “run down” o Open Systems Energy both enters and exits (can continue to run because it can constantly bring in energy, if energy funnels through the system, the system may appear to violate the second law of thermodynamics) o Humans are open systems; we eat. o Organisms always make messes in their surroundings. Cave Ecosystems (Engine) tightly bounded There is no sunlight, where is the energy coming from? Organisms moving in and out of the cave created low levels of energy....
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