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Viruses 1. Defin: a complex of nucleic material (DNA or RNA) & protein that can hijack a cell, forcing the cell to make new virus copies a. Require cells b. No equivalent to metabolism 2. 2 Basic Stages a. Inactive stage: viroid particles (virions; outside the cell) b. Active stage (intracellular stage): act on cells to produce viroid particles 3. Structure of a Generic Virus (applies to viroid particles) (pg. 395) a. Genetic material forms the viral core (very small gene set = genome) b. A protein coat (or capsid) surrounds the genetic material i. Stabilizes/protects the genetic material ii. Binds to a proper host cell iii. Injects the genetic material into the host cell c. Envelope: an outermost cell membrane coat; studded with membrane proteins 4. Viral Entrance into a Cell a. Involves interaction b/t viral and cell external proteins (requires some level of matching) (bird diseases infecting humans –journal) b. Common process: viral coat proteins interact with (bind to) glycoproteins
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