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Taxonomy - 4 Binomial Nomenclature a Invented by Linnaeus b...

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Taxonomy/Systematics 1. Basic Description: the practice of naming groups of living things 2. Taxonomy deals w/ organisms that are evolutionarily related (at some arbitrary level) 3. Taxonomy also involves naming groups (based on Linnaean hierarchy) a. (scala naturae- journal) b. Invented by Carolus Linnaeus c. Included following ranks: (see drawing)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Binomial Nomenclature a. Invented by Linnaeus b. Method for naming species i. Part 1 (front)- genus ii. Part2 (back)- trivial name c. Conventions i. Genus & trivial name combination must be unique ii. Genus must be capitalized; trivia should be lowercase iii. The genus and trivial should be underlined/italicized...
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