precalDay1 - Beginning of the Semester To-Do List 1. Sign...

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Unformatted text preview: Beginning of the Semester To-Do List 1. Sign up for a CourseWare (CASA) account at . CASA is a website and a physical testing and tutoring center (its physical location is on the 2nd floor of Garrison Gym). The website will have Test 1, and Practice Tests for each test, and weekly quizzes. The CASA Testing Center is where you will go to take the 2nd and all subsequent tests. For these tests you will first make a reservation by logging into the CASA website. If you have a problem registering with CASA, first make sure that you are enrolled (you will not have access to the course if you are not enrolled), then click on the Email Tech Support link on the CASA webpage. If nothing else works, go to 222 Garrison. If you already set up a CASA account for another class or the placement exams, you do not have to create another account, login after classes start and you will have access to any courses for which you are enrolled. 2. Read the Syllabus and "Departmental Policies for 13xx". Find them on your teachers website under Math 13xx Course Policies. You are responsible for knowing these policies. Read them carefully. Be clear about them. Understand the Quiz policy and Final policy. Ask me questions about them. You will be tested on them. 3. Take the Course Policies Quiz on CourseWare. You must make a perfect score(100) on this quiz in order to have access to the rest of the online assignments. The answers are all in the Departmental Policies for 13xx. You cannot take any further online quizzes or practice tests until you get a perfect score on the course policies quiz. You must take a course policy quiz in every Math 13xx course you are enrolled in. 4. Take Practice Test 1 on CourseWare. This will count for bonus points, will help you get ready for Test 1, and will indicate what is on Test 1. All material on Test 1 is pre-requisite material material you are expected to have learned before this class. Get help on anything youve forgotten. As we will NOT cover this material in class. 5. Get your Grading ID and learn your course Section Number. Your Grading ID is the same as your PeopleSoft number., also known as your myUH number. You will need to bubble this number in on all in-class quizzes and test free response forms. If you do not have it, you will get a 0 for the assignment. You must know your course Section Number (found on your PeopleSoft class schedule page) to purchase the correct bubbling forms for homework and poppers. 6. Take Test 1 on the CASA website. Test 1 will be available 8/29 8/31. You get 2 chances. It is based on the Practice Test. Do the Practice Test first and get acquainted with how the online CASA quizzing facility works. Then when you are comfortable with the system, take Test 1....
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This note was uploaded on 09/14/2011 for the course PRECALCULU 1330 taught by Professor Mosessosa during the Spring '11 term at University of Houston.

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precalDay1 - Beginning of the Semester To-Do List 1. Sign...

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